• Research
    We bring a handsome amount of research before devising a product or a unique solution to the market. After thorough testing and trials, our products go into the Manufacturing phase to make the difference. Our research remaining not limited to new products, it goes well and thoroughly into studying trends, markets, innovations and efficiency that a customer may need from time to time. And therefore, either our products or solutions are long lasting and sustainable, efficient and effective.
  • Manufacturing
    We have a dedicated and state of the art manufacturing unit for our proprietary products. We take very delicate care and have edge over our competitors for we can bring very detailed precision in our manufacturing as all our products and goods are followed by an exhaustive research behind them.
  • Weighing Scales
    We excel and deliver the specialty product, the Weighing Scales. Electronic Weighing scale being our mainline, the launching product, we host and boast of variety and class of Weighing Scales with minutest precision and state of the art technology.
  • Accessories
    Along with Weighing Scales, we specialize in Weighing-Precision-Industrial Accessories and we have a huge satisfied clientele standing confident and strong on GIPL trusted machinery.
  • Customized Solutions
    GIPL, having a diverse and distinct experience driven by professional methodology and technology, offers to you customized solutions. We are capable of delivering and catering to your special needs blended with a genuine and premium technical know how and inputs. Important is the customized solutions offered by GIPL are economical and affordable, and you get the best value of your worth.